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This is a dog walking collar.

Say goodbye to the traditional P-style training rope!  Put the favorite collar on the dog, and use your favorite dog leash.

Once the dog run faster than you, the P-ring is naturally tightened, and the dog can feel the relaxation of the collar immediately by slowing down the footsteps a little.


Say goodbye to the long training process, let the dog know you are so simple!


The P-circle design allows the dog to sense your pace and find the rhythm that suits you best.

No more trouble with the shit, no longer see the dog coughing distressed.

GGfly promises you that the set will go, the graceful dog walks, let the dog fall in love with you.

ISPET CoolPRINT P Collar - Zebra

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Color: zebra
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  • Lightweight +polyester Semi-P Chain

    Suitable for pets: small, medium and large varieties

    Material: sturdy polyester fiber(no irritation to pet skin)

    Accessories: Sturdy zinc alloy