Why don't GGfly sell any 'pet food' yet?

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

ggflypet.com poster with permission from the creator of the illustration

​It seems even harder now than ever to survive in this world full of scandal from commercial. It is impossible for GGfly or anyone can really promise you a certain brand of  "pet food" is 100% good for any of your paws. As we have promised before, we can only list what is truly good, and food in any kind will not fit in our testing standard. A good integrate does not mean they come from the good resource. And even from same brands same receipt, every batch does vary.

GGfly do understand your needs to getting your paws to feed, we will updating most should be known related knowledge, so you can make judgment both from the updates and the real-time reflection from your paws. For now, on research, these well-proved result should be public know as following:

I. ALL KIBBLE has been manufacturing process have the bigger chance to make pets get sick from them;

(This process has significant bringing genetic diseases like cancers to canine)

II. HOME MAKE PET RAW FOOD has no stable resource will danger your pets' life;


​III. Feed Raw does not equal to you go to the market and buy meat from the counter as a food resource.

(RAW food, as a general, know noun now, has been a misunderstanding by a lot of people. When a lot of organization, commercials encourage you to feed your pets raw, they actually meant that you should feed your pet foods that directly made with raw food with the minimized process)