This product will be release on November 15th, order now and get it before November 21st!

the new technolyge for dog

dog electronic toothbrush

The first electronic toothbrush designed for dogs

GGfly developed this electronic toothbrush helping keep your dog's teeth clean and gum health with its unique U shape brush head. Healthy for dogs and easy for you.

The best fit brush-head!


No more 'open-mouth' fighting.

Enjoy the close mouth brushing.

The U-shape brush gives the best fit to your dog tooth.

The nature material helps dog defend bacterials.

An routing brush habbit will protect your dog's gum health for life long! 

Fit dogs' mouth

Effective cleanliness

With any toothpaste

(dog toothpaste)

Flat Head

Fit Head

In your Kit, you will receive 2 brushhead with your PawerBrush.

One is our Fit Head which will fit in dogs' mouth, clean their tooth while them bite on it.

The other on is out Flat Head, can be used on any tooth in dog's mouth.

Pawerbrush is designed for easing grib and easing cleaning.

Can pair with any toothpastes that your dog like.

Special brush heads 

Full gum protection

45° lean to tooth

Wireless Charging


Long battery life

Long toothbrush life

Water Prove

Silent Mode

Unique design, make 'Pawer'

Woman Hugging Dog


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