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World need GGfly


About ggflypet LLC

GGfly online store started by ggflypet LLC in 2019 , time there are so many monsters running in the money printing pet-supply business. People are wondering why their chain store still selling yucky-designed pets' outfit at the same time charging more than a Nike; why the pet store still recommending them those pet food products that have no benefit for their pets at all; why would not those seller take their responsibility making the choices of what they should not sell at all. At, all our customer shall be easy and happy to find what they like and what their pets' truly need. GGflypet does inspect all products. before and after listing and we would love to hear from our customers about their experience. The purpose of the whole business is making all our no paws to four paws friends healthy happy!

Ggflypet team has the most professional people in the pet nutrition area to make the suggestion of what is good for pets and what will satisfy your pets! All the treats and edible chew are made and packed in the United State. All the toys will benefit your pets in some way, feel free to find out what your family needs!

We sell products made in the US also made in China!

Ggflypet LLC welcome all brands, no matter you are from Canada or China. A lot of company made the announcements that they don't sell any 'made in China' until you find they were lying. Some of the products, made in China, has been found with terrible materials and unknown resources of labor. But that should not be 'made in China's fault. ( That's seller's responsibility to be clearly sure what he would be selling.) Actually, a lot of well-known products selling on our pet store are designed and made in China, all scientific data shows that they are qualified and well designed. 



           is the name of our company dog, one to-be-5-year-old Yorkshire terrier. GG means chicken in Chinese, and the other one, Shiba Inu puppy, got a Chinese name of Orange, so ggflypet serve orange chicken every day.!


GIGI is a rescued bunny that deserved to be loved by any kinds. He played an important role in the GGfly family and passed away a few days before the online store start running, but he will live here at forever.

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